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Anjelika Perry's commitment to community development is rooted in a deep understanding of the transformative power of resilience and self-reliance. Her journey is shaped by personal challenges, which have honed her focus on creating sustainable, empowering solutions for communities.

Her approach is strategic yet empathetic, aiming to foster environments where individuals and communities thrive. Anjelika’s work is a reflection of her belief in the positive impact of nurturing growth and resilience.

In her current endeavors, Perry brings together innovative strategies and collaborative efforts to address complex community needs. Her goal is to create lasting solutions that promote growth and empowerment, focusing on the well-being and development of the communities she works with. Anjelika’s initiatives are characterized by a blend of creativity and practicality, demonstrating her dedication to making a difference. Each project she leads is a step towards building stronger, more resilient communities.

“Be Strong, Be Wonderful, Be Great”

-Geraldine Perry, PHN, MSN, Former Black Infant Health and MCAH Director, Pasadena Public Health Dept. (Emeritus)

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Black travel go

At Black Travel Go, the commitment is to develop and nurture a global community of travelpreneurs, digital nomads, and expats, strategically connecting them to wider audiences to support their ventures, while emphasizing the amplification of black voices within the travel industry.


creative sanctuary

At SXINT ANJ Creative Sanctuary and Studio, a collaborative environment is fostered for artists to engage in significant exhibits, unique art experiences, and explorations of humanity through art. Strategic partnerships are formed to ensure BIPOC voices lead in impactful storytelling campaigns in the art space.

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The Red Circle

As a Board Member, Artist Ambassador, At Just Give Art, as Co-Founder and Executive Director, there's a focus on leading marketing, outreach, and creative strategy, centering on partnerships that nurture local arts and expand global artistic reach.

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At The Red Circle, we specialize in crafting dynamic branding and marketing strategies that resonate deeply with your audience. Our collaborative and holistic approach ensures your brand's story is told compellingly, driving impactful engagement and lasting success.

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At Black Techpreneurs, there's a dedication to guiding app development, conducting AI integration and innovation workshops, and exploring tech applications relevant to black culture. The focus is on equipping entrepreneurs with essential tools and insights for business scaling and development, while continually creating new learning resources and courses.

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Dear Anjelika Vlog, Podcast, and Blog serves as a beacon for emerging leaders, offering practical advice in marketing, personal development, and life mastery. It stands as a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration, particularly addressing the needs of black women in business. This resource provides essential guidance for harmonizing professional aspirations and personal growth.

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Creating a Yoga Vibe Space at Home to Help Combat “Cabin Fever”

Anjelika Perry On Responsible Travel And The Fluidity Of Blackness | Interview with CULTURS Magazine

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Culture Talks Interview on For(bes) The Culture

Ingrid Silva (@ingridsilva), Founder of Empower New York (@empowher_ny) & Co-Founder of Blacks In Ballet (@blacksinballet); Moderated by Anjelika Perry (@anjelikaperry), For(bes) The Culture Member, Social Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

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